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  1. Keynote Theatre 4
    Do you want to take a data informed approach to your organisation’s wellbeing strategy, but don’t kn ...
  2. Theatre 5

    Whether you WFH, an office or on the go, if you bring your body as well as your laptop to work, this talk is perfect for you! 


    Learn how to optimise your workstation set-up, myth-bust some common mistakes and discover astronaut science from NASA that helps you here on earth every day. Join this engaging session and be ready to thrive wherever you work!

  3. Theatre 5
    Rebecca Myers, author of ‘Live Happy: Move, Eat and Relax into being a happier human’ takes us through the science of happiness and the importance of remaining happy through what we do, what we eat and how we think. Come out of this seminar feeling refreshed and with some useful, practical tips.
  4. Keynote Theatre 4
    The modern world is fast-paced, highly stressful and ever changing. High performing people are likel ...
  5. Keynote Theatre 4
    After being sacked for needing to work from home one day per week to accommodate my autoimmune disease, I realised that the hiring process is totally broken. We built Flexa to address the lack of transparency in the market, and make it easy to discover companies based on their working environments. This is the story of how we built it, and why.
  6. Keynote Theatre 4
    Penny Harrison is on a mission to empower women to take control of their own well-being and to defy society’s expectations by putting themselves first. From a stay at home mum consumed by unhealthy habits to cope with lockdown, to a co-founder of a business and mental health project manager with two years of sobriety under her belt. Penny shares her story on how she turned her life around and began the career of her dreams
  7. Keynote Theatre 4
    Illustrating how learning professionals can increase engagement by throwing their slides in the bin, and by doing things a bit differently.
  8. Theatre 5
    Creating a Worldwide Business Network: The Future of Remote Work delves into the transformative power of remote work. It discusses how businesses can build a global network using remote talent, leading to increased diversity, productivity, and innovation. The talk also highlights the sustainability of remote work, not just as a trend, but as a future model, resonating with businesses interested in tapping into its potential.
  9. Keynote Theatre 4

    Flexible working has transformed our day to day and has changed from being an occasional perk to a must-have benefit often for women. Creating working arrangements that enable employees to strike a better work/life balance is key to attracting and retaining top women talent but also progressing an equitable culture. Join us for this discussion and how Vodafone is driving the gender equality agenda.