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Workstyle: A revolution for wellbeing, productivity and society

17 Nov 2022
Keynote Theatre 4

This seminar introduces the story of workstyle – from its inception in the pub, through profoundly inspiring stories of the lives it has changed, to the impact it will have on the world by levelling the playing field and creating true inclusivity and accessibility in our society.

Lizzie and Alex take us through the history of work, where the 9–5 came from, and why the time is right for change. They explain how workstyle differs from flexible, hybrid, or remote working, and why it matters. Most importantly, they introduce the idea that you can design your own workstyle, by reflecting on the things that matter to you, acting to change your life and inspiring others to do the same, all underpinned by research that proves that this is a better way to work for us all.

This seminar is for everyone who has had to take a day off work to receive a delivery or go to a doctor's appointment. It is for anyone who has caring responsibilities, for parents, for those with illnesses, with mental health issues, who feel burnt out, or who are living with disabilities. It is for those who are older, who identify as neurodiverse or who consider themselves different in any way. It is for people who feel disenchanted with work and want to live a meaningful, fulfilled life. It is for anyone who questions why they need to commute to an office to be productive. It is for every person who has a life outside of work. This seminar is for everyone who wants to find a better way to work.

Lizzie Penny & Alex Hirst, Co-founders & Authors - Workstyle Revolution
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