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V Generation - the freelancer's new era

16 Nov 2022
Theatre 5

The V generation is known as the virtual generation. They are young people, members of the X, Y, and Z generations, who have grown up doing everything remotely. Meet clients and colleagues via video calls, scan materials and send invoices using a variety of applications, buy office supplies, and even order lunch. In the wake of the Corona crisis, other generations in the economy, who had not been exposed to the digital and virtual world, began to resemble the V generation in some ways and began to adapt to it. New opportunities have arisen as a result of remote work. In spite of the fact that older generations are used to traditional employment, they have adapted to the freelance model.


Though this is already a significant part of the labor market, and even though the changes we are experiencing now are likely to continue even after we emerge from the crisis and become even stronger, it is still considered a weak workforce, lacking social rights, and - for some unknown reason - not a unionized workforce.


In this way, we will have the opportunity to understand how the freelancers are organized together.

Gur Goth, Founder & CEO - Vlancer
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