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How to prevent burnout while remote working

16 Nov 2022
Theatre 5

As the world of work continues to rapidly evolve, high stress and burnout are fast becoming the norm
for too many of us. In 2019, burnout was recognised as an occupational phenomenon by the World Health
Organisation (WHO), and over the last year, studies have revealed that 15.4 million working days were
lost in the UK alone due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. This is costing the economy £45
billion annually.

There is a strong business case for prioritising mental health and wellbeing at work, particularly in
recent years where the lines between work and home life have become increasingly blurred. With
hybrid working fast becoming a norm, it’s more important than ever to understand the vital role that
mental health plays in your overall health, wellbeing and productivity.

This seminar explores:
- The difference between stress and burnout
- How to manage stress levels while remote working
- Key steps to prevent burnout from escalating
- How to work towards your ideal remote working set-up
- Practical strategies to nurture your whole wellbeing and aid productivity

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Tania Diggory, Founder & Director - The Calmer Group
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