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Leading with Happiness

16 Nov 2022
Theatre 5

Happiness at Work can be seen as “fluffy”, or all about office parties, free coffee and fruit bowls.  But the opposite is true,
happiness is the language of human leadership. It’s what we want for our children, for our friends and family and what we
should want for ourselves as leaders, our employees and our colleagues. By focusing on our employee happiness we show
our people we care about them. Happiness impacts our productivity, creativity, innovation and ability to solve problems,
and is a key predictor of success.

During the session we will be joined by Chief Happiness Officer Sarah Metcalfe who will share specific tools and ideas on
how you can start creating a happier workplace today. This keynote has been designed to explain the principles of
happiness at work, build understanding and inspire team members and leaders to create change. Sarah will work with
participants to inspire them to reflect on their own work lives and review their happiness scores through a happiness at
work framework. We will look at existing initiatives in light of what the science behind happiness at work shows us, to
understand what works and what doesn’t work.

Sarah Metcalfe, Chief Happiness Officer - Happy Coffee Consultung
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