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How to Build in a Moving Environment

17 Nov 2022
Theatre 5

The global shift to hybrid working has been anything but straightforward. And making decisions in the middle of relentless uncertainty takes a toll. Skip the heavy statistics and get the real-world advice you need to keep building and moving forward, even in a constantly changing environment. In this seminar we will unpack trends, pitfalls, and best practices for hybrid working and most importantly, what's coming next and how to prepare!

Does the endless change in how we work and what employees want make you feel frozen? Are you in a constant cycle of
“wait and see” decision making? Do you feel stuck between directives from leadership and the reality of what it takes to
keep, and attract, employees in this new world of work?
Hybrid working is a work in progress. You don’t have to get it right day one, or policy one; but you do have to move
forward. And making decisions in a constantly changing environment is challenging (not to mention exhausting).
In this seminar we will discuss the trends and blind spots of hybrid working and show you how to use data and best
practices to make hybrid working actually work for your organization, now and in the future.

Victoria Yanakos, Chief Operating Officer - Capella
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