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Working from home? Need an outside or in house office?

25 Nov 2021
Theatre 5

There are three main questions to answer; 1. How much time will you or your staff need to work from home in a secure office space? 2. How can you comply with Health & Safety, data security, staff well-being and increase efficiency/productivity, whilst building a beneficial asset. 3. How can I get this all included, fantastic work environment for less than I'm paying now as well as being tax beneficial.

Designed with everyone and every business in mind, these home offices give company owners the benefit of having a private secure office that replicates their once frequented office in their town or city. It mimics all the hardware, communications, data feeds and 'hygge', environment, but at home. We can make what you want designed around your business and staff needs, even down to disability access, security fingerprint access or if the person is left or right-handed?

For corporations it provides a complete solution for valued staff and increases the managed company infrastructure whilst providing flexible working hours for the executive. It is a services solution that does not take IT resource away from the company. It opens up the ability to talk with the rest of the world in real time, as it is 24/7, 365 so that communication with clients and suppliers around the world in different time zones can be done in concurrently without the need to travel to the head office in the middle of the night! Smart AV and interactive whiteboards with cameras and microphones provide the perfect Zoom or teams meeting portal. 

For a sole trader, where you want to do your paperwork and next morning it's in the same place you left it the night before. It's a sound lab, a print production unit, a graphic design suite, a manufacturing pod... but it is at home, and it is rate, rent and services free. At the same time, it is an asset on the bottom line of your accounts. For those who are looking at the green issues it ticks all the boxes.

Products that are low energy, low emission, and low costs to run. Products with less consumables and waste to manage and products that are recyclable as is the whole office by relocating, refurbishing it, restyling it for say a conference or exhibition stand. Storage and end of term disposal are all available. We select suppliers like Epson who offer the best green credentials  for all their hardware.

Meet Richard at this lecture to feel his enthusiasm and experience of working many years with corporations and individuals solving their office productivity, space utilisation and data security issues. See his vision to design unique solutions for changing office problems and staff needs caused by the covid pandemic and the need to be greener whilst work efficient.

See us on stand C222 or book on our website a free 15-minute consultation at www.myhome-office.co.uk