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Why Clever Business People Invest In Other Companies for Their Future

25 Nov 2021

In this talk Alpesh outlines his experience watching the growth of the most successful companies in the world and advising his clients how to invest in those companies. Through proprietary, time and tested strategies and a disciplined mindset, in this talk Alpesh will show how he finds those companies, and what he measures to know when and how many stocks to buy and sell. In his signature no-nonsense style, Alpesh will share his views on a range of crucial topics such as: 

How do you decide which public stocks to invest in?

How can you evaluate the impact on markets when they change? 

The markets are driven by the news, but can it be dangerous to gamble around news – how do you know what to listen to? 

The best companies or sectors investors should be looking towards now? 

What investing errors do you think business leaders make when it comes to their own businesses? 

Key tips for inexperienced investors 

What’s Alpesh’s view on the impact Brexit will have on investment into the UK?