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The Simple Powerful Helpful, Reliable Customer Engagement Journey

When you finish the seminar you will have valuable insights into media, branding, design, psychology, social media, SEO, software, data, web builds, apps, integration, analytics, AI, automation and much more. All in a simple and easy to apply proven system that is adaptable to any industry. 

Life Group Global is built on the principles of ethics and excellence, and its products and services focus on continuously improving the customer engagement journey. Founded in 2016 as Life Design Group it has doubled in size every year since its inception and has inhouse digital industry accumulative experience of over a hundred years. Life Group exists to create a bridge between the digital industry and SME's, providing quality products and services at affordable prices.

We are an award winning full digital agency that provides core products and expert services in Customer Engagement Strategies, Website Design, Website Development, App Development, Video Productions, Voice Overs, Music, Design, Branding, Digital Consultancy, SEO, Analytics, Ads, Hosting and more. Each client we have is important to us, and we reinvest back into the Group as we grow to make sure that no matter our size, our clients remain central to our business practice.

Why do we tell you this? We want to build a connection with you, to give you something of value. We always value what we appreciate, and we want to share with you what we have learned and proven in our practice, so you can enjoy the benefits in your business and reduce your pain points.