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The Roadmap to Recovery and Resilience

24 Nov 2021
Theatre 5

As restrictions are eased and lockdown lifts, many people will feel anxious and uncertain about how to adjust and remain resilient in the face of change. In this exclusive keynote, you will discover the tools to follow your own roadmap towards recovery and resilience.

  • Learning how to heighten levels of self-awareness to know where you are, where you want to be and how to plan a route to your own wellbeing destination based on the core resilience principles.
  • Discovering how to adjust to detours and diversions in a constantly changing world, using practical tools for adapting in an effective and positive way.
  • Identifying ways to use intentional pacing to respond to change and cope with stress and anxiety to optimise your wellbeing and enable recovery.
  • Identifying a strategy for coping with roadblocks and remaining optimistic and focused, in the face of the unexpected.