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Smart working at Aviva – for our customers, colleagues and communities

25 Nov 2021
Theatre 5

We know that our people want a mix of where and when they work– taking the best of being in the office and blending it with what we’ve learnt about remote working. And that is good for our people, the environment and our business too with, for example, less travel and office space needed.

So we’ve introduced Smart Working to give our people and their leaders guidance on how and where they work. The framework includes five Smart Working profiles based on the type of role they do, what work is involved in it and therefore how often, and why, a colleague might need to be in the office and the facilities and technology they need to do their job in order to achieve the best outcomes.

And the way we use our offices will evolve to become more collaborative spaces, less about rows of desks. Offices aren’t necessarily the best place for people to check emails – they are much more about creativity, innovation and teamwork.