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Elite Mind - Using neuroscience to maximise your leadership capacity

We believe organisations have a social responsibility to provide the right environment & conditions where every individual can contribute to their full potential. However, what we often see is extreme scenarios of either high-performers sacrificing their personal lives for the corporate profit, or stressed, depressed, anxious, burnt out individuals who are struggling to cope and contribute. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between organisational performance and individual wellbeing, and to eradicate institutionalised boundaries surrounding mental health, empowering everyone to perform at their best where it matters the most. 

Elite Mind is a support resource to help individuals exceed expectations without making personal sacrifices and to equip organisations with neuroscience-based tools for ensuring employee wellbeing, improving operational performance, establishing effective leadership development and creating an all-inclusive culture of learning and growth. 


  • Stress resilience workshops - mental wellbeing support for people in service-based industries 
  • 121 coaching for executives and directors - thrive under pressure and improve business performance while maintaining your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • HR and L&D consulting - support, empower and motivate your employees at this challenging time
  • Wellbeing strategy design and implementation - ensure you deliver business results while putting people first
  • Talent strategy diagnostic assessments - identify your organisational development strengths, needs and opportunities for improvement
  • Mental health awareness training - enable your managers to proactively address mental health at work
  • EMBA - free business development platform for coaches, independent consultants and solo practitioners, enabling them to start, run and grow their business with all the tools in one place
  • Mentorship for small business owners - create new opportunities for growth

All our services are individually tailored to your individual and organisational needs


We take pride in our high-quality service, tailored to the needs of each individual and organisation we work with - we do not offer any 'off the shelf' products or 'one size fits all' solutions.

Our ongoing research translates the latest academic and scientific findings into unique, practical applications that sets us apart from other traditional management consultancies. We role model ongoing development ourselves, we learn and grow together with you.

Our performance is measured by completing through diagnostics before and after working with you, and we have a network of professionals to address your requirements where your needs fall beyond our expertise.

Our 121 coaching and stress resilience programmes also include complimentary Heart Rate Variability monitoring and smart lifetime assessments using the latest technology.


Pret A Manager, Hilton, Eurocar, RB, SEB group, Pinewood studios, Thames Valley Fertility, Care UK, Yoga for Harmony studio, Iceland, Screwfix, JCB, Odeon, Vue Cinemas, Inomed, Wiley & Sons, and many other local and international businesses.