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AXA’s Smart Working Vision for improved employee and customer experience

24 Nov 2021
Theatre 5

AXA has a clear vision for the future of working: Everyone is trusted to get the best from their day, with the customer at the heart of decisions made. As a business, we view Smart Working as flexible, resilient, empowering and collaborative. We understand it will mean different things to different people based on each role, but, in essence, it should give our people the ability to work in a smarter way in a smarter way to meet our customers’, the business’s and their own needs. As we switch on to Smart Working and embed best practice throughout the business, we are looking to develop our Bricks (where we work and how we set up and use our home and office environment), Bytes (the technology that will support us) and Behaviours (how we manage our working lives). In this session, hear from Lucinda Charles-Jones, AXA UK & Ireland Group HR Director, as she explores what’s needed to truly make Smart Working work for all.