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All Together’s ‘Three Things’: Actionable Advice for SME leaders today

24 Nov 2021
Keynote Theatre 4

Our panel of experts have vast experience across multiple sectors, including consumer, retail, hospitality, tech, business services and more. They have founded, led and scaled multiple SMEs over the course of their careers, and now also offer their wealth of expertise as NEDs, Chairs and Advisors.

They also give their time as Volunteer Advisors with All Together, the pro bono advisory network that has so far supported over 300 small businesses, giving them a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities currently faced by the UK’s entrepreneurial community.

From navigating a post-pandemic recovery to facing environmental, societal or governmental pressures, Jamie and his panel each offer three pieces precise, forward thinking and actionable advice, designed for SME leaders and informed by today’s complex business environment.