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  1. Keynote Theatre 4

    Our panel of experts have vast experience across multiple sectors, including consumer, retail, hospitality, tech, business services and more. They have founded, led and scaled multiple SMEs over the course of their careers, and now also offer their wealth of expertise as NEDs, Chairs and Advisors.

    They also give their time as Volunteer Advisors with All Together, the pro bono advisory network that has so far supported over 300 small businesses, giving them a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities currently faced by the UK’s entrepreneurial community.

    From navigating a post-pandemic recovery to facing environmental, societal or governmental pressures, Jamie and his panel each offer three pieces precise, forward thinking and actionable advice, designed for SME leaders and informed by today’s complex business environment.
  2. 7 Steps that Guide to Think Big & Go Global

    In this seminar you will learn how to think outside of the box and take your movement global.

    This seminar is designed for women entrepreneurs and leaders who want to invest time to think, grow and bring revolutionary ideas to the table, in order to get their movement global. This course is an opportunity that is created for entrepreneurs who want to start a global movement.

    With this seminar you will begin a new journey towards creating a life that gives us more purpose and more fulfillment because it will be about the contribution and the impact that we will create in other people’s lives as well.

    This seminar is designed to give us the tools that we need to grow, stimulate and achieve the success that we want. The main focus of this programme is on how to optimise and maximise the impact  that you can create in the world and strengthen your business and your brand on a global scale. Through a combination of 7 powerful steps that I will share with you I will stimulate the ideas how seek out and find the core tipping points that can make the biggest difference in your growth and success in the shortest period of time.

    This seminar will inspire you to start your movement and take it global, to do what you were meant to do, grow your vision and change other peoples life.

    At this seminar I will share with you all my knowledge and 25 years of experience in building communities, working in the media and developing skills in speaking, branding and marketing, and also how to make a business successful. The Think Big & Go Global seminar is an opportunity for you to dig deep and to expand the vision that you lead in explosive and invigorating ways. By growing your skills and implementing them into this business, you will be able to see the opportunities that you can reach and become an influencer and big leader in your community.

    This seminar will stir you to find clarity and creativity on multiple levels, so you can take your projects from a place of deep presence and renewed imagination and create your leadership path for your movement. You’ll gain insights into how to grow your business and end this course feeling empowered.

  3. Keynote Theatre 4

    Mobile free-to-play games are the ultimate test for getting your conversions right: you live or die with your conversion rate. In mobile gaming, you need to deliver successful conversions 24/7. Many of these very same best practices also apply to improving conversions on any website - but we seldom make the connection or think what we can learn from the best mobile free-to-play games.

  4. Theatre 5

    Many companies are allowing employees to continue working from home for the foreseeable future, thanks to stronger networks and smarter devices. This means many meetings, pitches for new business, training seminars and status updates are delivered online, via video conference.

    Whether presenting in person or online, our content needs to be clear and relevant, and our slides well-designed for an overall good impression. But for online presentations to be effective and meet their objectives, the entire interaction with our audience must be customised for the virtual sphere. 

    Sjors Kuijs will explain the differences between presenting offline and online – and how to keep your audience comfortable and engaged over a screen.

  5. Theatre 5

    90% of start-ups fail within the first 5 years, but most succeed short term – this can be for one of many reasons such as the idea, funding, team/execution, timing, or business model. 

    When times are tough, individuals often forget the core reason as to why they started. When the skies are grey, you don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from, it can be tempting to make a decision you once swore you wouldn’t make. 

    One decision may not change anything today but changes tomorrow. Little by little we lose ourselves, our values, and impair relationships.

  6. Theatre 5

    As restrictions are eased and lockdown lifts, many people will feel anxious and uncertain about how to adjust and remain resilient in the face of change. In this exclusive keynote, you will discover the tools to follow your own roadmap towards recovery and resilience.

    • Learning how to heighten levels of self-awareness to know where you are, where you want to be and how to plan a route to your own wellbeing destination based on the core resilience principles.
    • Discovering how to adjust to detours and diversions in a constantly changing world, using practical tools for adapting in an effective and positive way.
    • Identifying ways to use intentional pacing to respond to change and cope with stress and anxiety to optimise your wellbeing and enable recovery.
    • Identifying a strategy for coping with roadblocks and remaining optimistic and focused, in the face of the unexpected.
  7. Theatre 5

    We examine the results from Herman Miller's 21,000+ responses to our global home working survey, along with other key findings on the changing sentiment towards home and office work.

    Throughout the session we will dispel 7 myths of the post-crises workplace and explore the differing quality of working from home experiences.

  8. As businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, how can they help save both CO2 and their employees money through driving? Learn how Octopus are leading the charge in helping more businesses meet ESGs, improve employee retention and reach their Electric Dreams.
  9. You may be forgiven for thinking that now is the worst possible time to start or build up a business. We are coming out of a pandemic unprecedented in memory with millions of people being furloughed or losing their jobs. The economy is in a great state of uncertainty, and we don’t know when many industries, especially those on the high street, will be back to normal, if at all. So why would you want to embark on a new project now?!

    Because recessions, instability and uncertainty can also mean opportunity. Volatile times require creativity, adaptability, and perseverance. However bad things seem, uncertainty does not last forever. But if you are faced with difficult, uncertain times, it can be tough to see the wood for the trees. Of course, you want to make your business a success but it’s not always an easy task when the economy is strong and the sun is shining, let alone when there is a downturn.

    Often, we cannot predict when business conditions turn sour. However, if you already have a business, or even if you are in the process of setting one up, you are going to need an action plan and to be resourceful. 

  10. Keynote Theatre 4
    No one starts a business so they can spend time with their bank manager - so Starling made its award-winning, digital business accounts free, uncomplicated and easy to set up. Discover more about how Starling is helping businesses break free from unnecessary admin and manage their money better. With intuitive features and time-saving tools, plus 100% digital sign-up, Starling is making sure entrepreneurs can concentrate on doing what they love. Hear from Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer, and learn more about why Starling has been voted Best British Bank four years running.
  11. History has shown us that there is often a business resurgence following economic downturns, with some of the most challenging economic periods sparking times of great creativity and ingenuity. Glen will discuss what this means for small businesses. He’ll also explore how economic recovery is coming from entrepreneurs and small business owners, who are taking the plunge to start, grow and thrive. As the economy continues to recover, he will share some useful insights to assist small businesses in planning for the future.
  12. Keynote Theatre 4
    With no former business achievements or qualifications, with no college or university education, with no money or investment and with only 2 GCSE’s you’d say it would be impossible to build a household brand. With a very young family, mortgage rates at 14% and having to hold down 3 jobs to pay the bills, carpet cleaner Kevin did exactly this, built a household brand. This seminar is more of a talk from the heart, Kevin will share (PowerPoint free) his past, his challenges and how he achieved a dramatic change in himself to catapult his ideas and aspirations into reality.
  13. Theatre 5

    Perching on the edge of a kitchen stool, slouching into a sofa and spending majority of time off camera or on mute because of surrounding noise might have been deemed ‘Okay’ at the beginning of the pandemic but that’s certainly not the case anymore. With remote working here to stay for the long run, companies need to re-asses their remote working strategies and ensure they are allowing their teams to thrive whilst working from home.

    As well as exploring the productivity and well-being benefits that come with providing employees with the tools and equipment they need, in this seminar we will discuss what other things you can be doing for your team, to attract the best talent and to give peace of mind.

  14. Theatre 5

    Every Delay Is A Missed Opportunity. Things might be working, but not working well. Your people processes may be slower or more painful than they need to be — and delays like these add up, distract your workforce, and carry a much higher cost: missed opportunities. Don’t Miss Out. It Could Be So Much Better… In this Session we will show you how People Workflow Automation helps your organization connect tools and teams to drive productivity across every aspect of your business. After all, people processes span your entire business, so your HR needs to go beyond HR.

  15. Hear some great examples and case studies from Johns long list of observations that outline some of the dumb stuff some business owners do that makes doing business with them unnecessarily difficult! These observations come from over 40 years of talking to dealing with buying from [and in some cases not] a variety of businesses from start ups to multinational conglomerates . The most important take away should be – can you avoid these mistakes in your business and avoid being in the 50% of all start ups that do not last 1-5 years?
  16. History has shown us that there is often a business resurgence following economic downturns, with some of the most challenging economic periods sparking times of great creativity and ingenuity. Glen will discuss what this means for small businesses. He’ll also explore how economic recovery is coming from entrepreneurs and small business owners, who are taking the plunge to start, grow and thrive. As the economy continues to recover, he will share some useful insights to assist small businesses in planning for the future.

  17. A discussion on recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically highlighting the roles of franchising and SMEs in building back better.

  18. Keynote Theatre 4

    The Gypsy Billionaire

    Born in the snow on the side of the road in a Romany Gypsy caravan. Cooking meals on an open fire. An entire family crammed into a single caravan.

    So, how did Alfie Best build a business with a current valuation of one billion dollars?

    We invite you into the incredible life story and journey of one man. A man who is destined to change the way that we live in this work and provide affordable housing solutions for many of us.

    Meet Alfie Best, Sunday Times Rich list entrepreneur and businessman and chairman of the Best Business group of companies. Including Wyldecrest Parks Europe’s number one Park home operators, Vaaroom Motorhome Hire the UK’s largest motorhome hire company.

    He owns properties on the VIP coast in Barbados. He is involved in business training, education and coaching. He owns football clubs, mining companies, land and commercial and residential properties across the UK.

    Today, Alfie Best business empire carries net assets between £500-£600 million pound and carries a current business valuation of one billion dollars.

    Alfie Best indeed is become the first ever gypsy billionaire, the first gypsy to achieve billionaire status in the world.

    You won’t meet a more down to earth humble, yet driven and focused man. This is Alfie Best and his life story.

    All links.

  19. Joe Foster is the Founder of Reebok.  A company he Founded with his brother Jeff from their kitchen table, which became the world’s number one sports brand. Joe is now coming out of retirement to inspire people and share his One Golden Nugget of wisdom ‘Just Keep Going!’. A mindset that helped him build Reebok and a message he feels so many people need to hear right now.

  20. Keynote Theatre 4

    The channels that consumers use to engage businesses have changed dramatically over the last decade, and the last year has seen significant new developments. Consumers now expect to be able to use their channel of choice to contact businesses whenever they need them. In this session Mark outlines the key marketing challenges now facing businesses and how they can get ahead of their competitors by embracing new technologies.

  21. We will be looking at things that are being done in business that are hindering you from running your business effectively and gaining back time in your daily life and making your business more successful. Top tips for time management. 
  22. This seminar is all about communication & behavioural preferences. It will help you understand yourself and others better. We will look at how subtly adjusting your communication style with an awareness of others preferences can build stronger professional and personal relationships. 
  23. Theatre 5

    There are three main questions to answer; 1. How much time will you or your staff need to work from home in a secure office space? 2. How can you comply with Health & Safety, data security, staff well-being and increase efficiency/productivity, whilst building a beneficial asset. 3. How can I get this all included, fantastic work environment for less than I'm paying now as well as being tax beneficial.

    Designed with everyone and every business in mind, these home offices give company owners the benefit of having a private secure office that replicates their once frequented office in their town or city. It mimics all the hardware, communications, data feeds and 'hygge', environment, but at home. We can make what you want designed around your business and staff needs, even down to disability access, security fingerprint access or if the person is left or right-handed?

    For corporations it provides a complete solution for valued staff and increases the managed company infrastructure whilst providing flexible working hours for the executive. It is a services solution that does not take IT resource away from the company. It opens up the ability to talk with the rest of the world in real time, as it is 24/7, 365 so that communication with clients and suppliers around the world in different time zones can be done in concurrently without the need to travel to the head office in the middle of the night! Smart AV and interactive whiteboards with cameras and microphones provide the perfect Zoom or teams meeting portal. 

    For a sole trader, where you want to do your paperwork and next morning it's in the same place you left it the night before. It's a sound lab, a print production unit, a graphic design suite, a manufacturing pod... but it is at home, and it is rate, rent and services free. At the same time, it is an asset on the bottom line of your accounts. For those who are looking at the green issues it ticks all the boxes.

    Products that are low energy, low emission, and low costs to run. Products with less consumables and waste to manage and products that are recyclable as is the whole office by relocating, refurbishing it, restyling it for say a conference or exhibition stand. Storage and end of term disposal are all available. We select suppliers like Epson who offer the best green credentials  for all their hardware.

    Meet Richard at this lecture to feel his enthusiasm and experience of working many years with corporations and individuals solving their office productivity, space utilisation and data security issues. See his vision to design unique solutions for changing office problems and staff needs caused by the covid pandemic and the need to be greener whilst work efficient.

    See us on stand C222 or book on our website a free 15-minute consultation at www.myhome-office.co.uk 

  24. We believe organisations have a social responsibility to provide the right environment & conditions where every individual can contribute to their full potential. However, what we often see is extreme scenarios of either high-performers sacrificing their personal lives for the corporate profit, or stressed, depressed, anxious, burnt out individuals who are struggling to cope and contribute. 

    Our mission is to bridge the gap between organisational performance and individual wellbeing, and to eradicate institutionalised boundaries surrounding mental health, empowering everyone to perform at their best where it matters the most. 

    Elite Mind is a support resource to help individuals exceed expectations without making personal sacrifices and to equip organisations with neuroscience-based tools for ensuring employee wellbeing, improving operational performance, establishing effective leadership development and creating an all-inclusive culture of learning and growth. 


    • Stress resilience workshops - mental wellbeing support for people in service-based industries 
    • 121 coaching for executives and directors - thrive under pressure and improve business performance while maintaining your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
    • HR and L&D consulting - support, empower and motivate your employees at this challenging time
    • Wellbeing strategy design and implementation - ensure you deliver business results while putting people first
    • Talent strategy diagnostic assessments - identify your organisational development strengths, needs and opportunities for improvement
    • Mental health awareness training - enable your managers to proactively address mental health at work
    • EMBA - free business development platform for coaches, independent consultants and solo practitioners, enabling them to start, run and grow their business with all the tools in one place
    • Mentorship for small business owners - create new opportunities for growth

    All our services are individually tailored to your individual and organisational needs


    We take pride in our high-quality service, tailored to the needs of each individual and organisation we work with - we do not offer any 'off the shelf' products or 'one size fits all' solutions.

    Our ongoing research translates the latest academic and scientific findings into unique, practical applications that sets us apart from other traditional management consultancies. We role model ongoing development ourselves, we learn and grow together with you.

    Our performance is measured by completing through diagnostics before and after working with you, and we have a network of professionals to address your requirements where your needs fall beyond our expertise.

    Our 121 coaching and stress resilience programmes also include complimentary Heart Rate Variability monitoring and smart lifetime assessments using the latest technology.


    Pret A Manager, Hilton, Eurocar, RB, SEB group, Pinewood studios, Thames Valley Fertility, Care UK, Yoga for Harmony studio, Iceland, Screwfix, JCB, Odeon, Vue Cinemas, Inomed, Wiley & Sons, and many other local and international businesses. 

  25. In our fast-paced busy lives, we don't have time to waste when it comes to winning new clients and running our business. What we need is our name to come up in all the right conversations, so prospects come to us pre-sold and ready to buy. In this talk, Naomi outlines the fundamental principles for quickly becoming the 'go-to' expert in your industry and using LinkedIn to build your business. 
  26. Building capability is essential for a successful business. The human element has been at the heart of how we do business for thousands of years, whilst its role continues to change.

    In the face of changing consumer dynamics, the rapid pace of evolving commerce platforms, the emergence of big data and AI - how do you manage and utilise the human elements of your business to deliver the success you need. This seminar looks at 4 key areas - customer experience, skills & standards, brand building and people. 

  27. Growing businesses are naturally laser focused on growth, as many ambitious scaleups will attest to! But oftentimes, true customer loyalty and substantial market penetration come from innovation.

    So how do businesses balance these two demands?

    Can they even co-exist?

    And how do you build teams to deliver against them?

    In this session, we'll take a look at the growing businesses who have cracked this growth vs innovation puzzle, and discuss the critical success factors they all have in common - namely, the process and people they've put in place to achieve success. 

  28. Did you also know that over 85% of health problems derived from stress and anxiety, which directly and indirectly linked to the gut? Actually, within one minute of getting stressed, the body produces cortisol, changing to adrenaline which stays in our system for 4-12 hours and dramatically affects our hormones. This results amongst many things to weight gain, moods, reduced oxygenation and most importantly weakens of our immune system. 
  29. During this seminar we will be exploring the ways in which businesses can protect themselves against the fluctuations of the largest financial market in the world, the foreign exchange market. With daily volumes of over $5 trillion, markets can swing wildly so having an appropriate strategy in place to reduce FX risk is key to financial stability. 

    We will look at examples of how clients can be impacted by market movements, then explain the different methods available to protect against, as well as benefit from, market volatility. Understanding your foreign exchange exposures is key, and Aston will also be showcasing their new software which allows businesses full visibility over their different currencies. 

  30. As a business owner, do you feel like there is just not enough time in your day? Are you working in your business or working on your business? Together we can help you shift this mind set. 
  31. This seminar will be of particular interest to people who own HMOs that comprise over 4 letting bedrooms, as well as to owners and managers of blocks of flats.

    The seminar will concentrate on the requirements for fire detection and emergency lights. However, other issues to be discussed will include fire partition walls and doors. 

  32. Is your business hopping on the wellbeing backfoot post covid 19?

    This presentation shows why the time has come to bring wellbeing to the forefront of your business and where to make a start. Looked at through the eyes of an employee and the adversity stress can bring about. What happens if we take it out from underneath the table and make wellbeing a subject in its own right?

  33. Want to scale up your business quickly? Now more than ever Partnerships and Collaborations are the way to do this. They've been around for as long as business, yet very few businesses take a strategic approach. Dave will share his partnership experience, successes and failures, to give you the 5 key ingredients in a game-changing partnership program, allowing you to become a force of nature in your market space.
  34. Is your business hopping on the wellbeing backfoot post covid 19? This presentation shows why the time has come to bring wellbeing to the forefront of your business and where to make a start. Looked at through the eyes of an employee and the adversity stress can bring about, what happens if we take it out from underneath the table and make wellbeing a subject in its own right?
  35. Augmented Reality will transform the public space in an unexpected and creative way. Augmented Reality glasses are approaching normal glasses making them appealing to the average consumer. We will soon live immersed in virtual worlds. 
  36. When you finish the seminar you will have valuable insights into media, branding, design, psychology, social media, SEO, software, data, web builds, apps, integration, analytics, AI, automation and much more. All in a simple and easy to apply proven system that is adaptable to any industry. 

    Life Group Global is built on the principles of ethics and excellence, and its products and services focus on continuously improving the customer engagement journey. Founded in 2016 as Life Design Group it has doubled in size every year since its inception and has inhouse digital industry accumulative experience of over a hundred years. Life Group exists to create a bridge between the digital industry and SME's, providing quality products and services at affordable prices.

    We are an award winning full digital agency that provides core products and expert services in Customer Engagement Strategies, Website Design, Website Development, App Development, Video Productions, Voice Overs, Music, Design, Branding, Digital Consultancy, SEO, Analytics, Ads, Hosting and more. Each client we have is important to us, and we reinvest back into the Group as we grow to make sure that no matter our size, our clients remain central to our business practice.

    Why do we tell you this? We want to build a connection with you, to give you something of value. We always value what we appreciate, and we want to share with you what we have learned and proven in our practice, so you can enjoy the benefits in your business and reduce your pain points.

  37. Your brand is a performance that people contribute to day-in, day-out. Your value proposition should be a number 1 hit - the song your team love to sing and your audience want to hear. Yet all too often organisations take to the stage and sing ten tunes at once. They create brand-dissonance then wonder why no one can understand what they do! In this session, marketer and musician Jill Pringle shares the most common brand mistakes smaller businesses make and gives her strategies and tips for that chart-topping value proposition that gives you the clarity, confidence and cashflow to scale your business. 

    Want to scale your business? Marketer and singer Jill Pringle shares her top 5 tips for getting your brand in tune before you grow. 

  38. Valuable lessons and principles learnt throughout a boxing career, which were then implemented into business creating a successful portfolio of businesses. 
  39. It's a scary world out there and whilst technology brings opportunities that also means there are new security challenges we face. The dangers are everywhere: stolen identities, systems held to ransom, phishing scams - the list is almost endless. Therefore it definitely pays to be aware and know what you're feeling, that way you can be prepared and on the front foot.
  40. The way we all communicate has changed.

    75% of us now prefer to engage with brands we love through conversational marketing. This approach listens and responds to what your customers tell you they want, wherever and whenever they want it.

    Consumers are demanding a range of helpful, empathic interactions to fit around their lifestyles, with communication options to suit busy schedules. (Live chat at 3am? No problem.)

    "Having conversations as a function of your business is different to using conversations to grow your business"

    Forward-thinking brands use conversational marketing to stay one step ahead of customer needs. This might involve embracing the convenience of fast-moving platforms like Messenger, Whatsapp and creating chatbots powered by Al (Artificial Intelligence) to connect, share information and deliver human-like experiences in a cost-effective, scalable way. 

    In this seminar, we'll explore how your business can leverage the power of conversations to automate your business. You'll see how a good conversational strategy will improve customer service, accelerate customers through your sales funnel and power up your marketing. 

  41. Intuition enables us to unconsciously know that a decision is right without knowing why and without processing the information. Our emotional intelligence helps us to combine out intuition with our feelings and our emotions to make authentic decisions, build quality relationships and be more creative. 

    Emotional intelligence and creativity at work are going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next 5 years. Applying emotional intelligence and intuition to creativity will develop decision making and increase productivity to benefit individuals, teams, and organisations. These skills will enhance leadership capabilities, communication skills and resilience.

    This interactive session explores how to harness the brains potential for intuition and creativity. Robin explores how emotions impact upon decision making, and how they can be used to work with intuition to increase creative insights. 

    The session will give you an understanding into how to develop productivity and creativity through practical strategies and tools that bring intuition, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to life and show how they can be practically applied in business. 

  42. This seminar will provide guests with the tools and knowledge to confidently chase payments and get paid on time, whilst maintaining a positive relationship with their valued customers.
  43. Women leaders in the 21st century recognise a more enlightened approach is needed to leverage the value of their employees, their customers, suppliers and community stakeholders for their business to have long-term success. Women leaders recognise the importance of humanity in the relationships their business establishes will achieve greater success than those who focus on competitiveness and profitability. Organisations that allow women to help them upgrade their focus will create new skills and competence. 
  44. Struggling to find your G-Force, then let George Harriman take you on a ride to find your inner power bot to defy the odds and set up a new successful business from scratch. As an ambassador for The Prince's Trust, entrepreneurship is something George takes incredibly seriously in the creation of his events, artists, venue and retail management business Charnwood Entertainments. 
  45. During this session Claudine will share insights and tactics on how to practically create your tipping point of progress in your business. 
  46. Keynote Theatre 4

    So much has changed over the last couple of years and the impact of some businesses has been devastating. Many have not survived or at least have made significant sacrifices. On top of this, the way people buy has changed too and you need to understand this change in order to thrive in the world. 

    In this lively talk, two leading experts will share their framework for future proofing your business and making it easy for your customers to buy from you. They will share the building blocks for creating a pipeline of prospects, giving them the certainty to proceed and become raving fans.

    Both Warrens have spoken for years on the main stage at The Business Show independently. This year as a double act they will provoke you to think different, provide the ingredients to seriously raise your profile and future proof your business.


  47. Theatre 5

    We know that our people want a mix of where and when they work– taking the best of being in the office and blending it with what we’ve learnt about remote working. And that is good for our people, the environment and our business too with, for example, less travel and office space needed.

    So we’ve introduced Smart Working to give our people and their leaders guidance on how and where they work. The framework includes five Smart Working profiles based on the type of role they do, what work is involved in it and therefore how often, and why, a colleague might need to be in the office and the facilities and technology they need to do their job in order to achieve the best outcomes.

    And the way we use our offices will evolve to become more collaborative spaces, less about rows of desks. Offices aren’t necessarily the best place for people to check emails – they are much more about creativity, innovation and teamwork.

  48. Theatre 5

    The way we work has undergone a significant shift over the past year, with the majority of the workforce transitioning to home working almost overnight. Even as we start to transition out of lockdown, in one form or another, remote working is here to stay. How businesses and individuals adapt to this change, and what models of working they choose to follow, will shape future working life.

    At Dropbox, creating an equitable employee experience regardless of role and location was of utmost importance. We believe that Virtual First offers something different from the “hybrid-remote” models many companies are announcing, which is one where employees choose whether or not to work out of the office.

    Employees have been calling for greater flexibility in how and where they work for years, and it’s these evolving demands that will characterise the world of work next year. It is imperative that businesses focus on the mental wellbeing of their employees during this time and find a solution that offers greater agility; as well as equipping them with the tools for closer collaboration.

    Distributed working is a very fine balance, and it can be hard for businesses to get right. It is vital that when considering what model to use, businesses talk to their employees to see what they want and need to move beyond the pandemic together into a new world of work.
  49. Every business will own intellectual property – this could be the name you trade under, the look or the function of products you make or use, even the brochures you create to promote your business. All these elements can be protected if they are important to your business and if you manage them correctly they can provide competitive advantage. 

    The Intellectual Property Office, an executive agency of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), can help you understand how patents, trade marks, designs and copyright can prove an asset to your business.

    Our main responsibilities are: educating businesses and consumers about IP rights and responsibilities, IP policy, supporting IP enforcement and granting UK patents, trade marks and design rights.

    Our work encourages innovation, helping the economy and society to benefit from knowledge and ideas.

  50. In this talk Alpesh outlines his experience watching the growth of the most successful companies in the world and advising his clients how to invest in those companies. Through proprietary, time and tested strategies and a disciplined mindset, in this talk Alpesh will show how he finds those companies, and what he measures to know when and how many stocks to buy and sell. In his signature no-nonsense style, Alpesh will share his views on a range of crucial topics such as: 

    How do you decide which public stocks to invest in?

    How can you evaluate the impact on markets when they change? 

    The markets are driven by the news, but can it be dangerous to gamble around news – how do you know what to listen to? 

    The best companies or sectors investors should be looking towards now? 

    What investing errors do you think business leaders make when it comes to their own businesses? 

    Key tips for inexperienced investors 

    What’s Alpesh’s view on the impact Brexit will have on investment into the UK?

  51. Saasha will discuss how they grew OLIO from a small niche food sharing network in North London to a global success, with more than 5 million users fuelled by 70,000 volunteers. Expect practical insights and tips you can use to leverage the power of community within your own startup or organisation.
  52. After battling through a tough year with the COVID-19 lock-down challenges, now is the perfect time to get the absolute best out of your business in 2022. Join our international and returning motivational speaker Ian Dickson for 21 of the best business tips to help you thrive post lock-down and into the new ways of doing business.
  53. Keynote Theatre 4

    The word Franchise brings with it some misconceptions, I believe it has had a bad rap for years and been treated in the business sector very much as the poor relation, something you do if you don't have any ideas yourself, or associated with Mcdonalds and that is as far as franchising goes .

    The reality is Franchising is a huge contributor to the economy and driving force for entrepreneurship but it needs to shout louder to the public and other business people on the benefits it can bring to individuals and to the wider business world.

  54. In the modern economy, the future of careers is uncertain but one thing is clear the future of business is in being “Self Made” as an entrepreneur or by having an entrepreneurial mind-set. This talk will outline 4 innovative sales strategies to make your business more profitable and to force you to think outside of the box as you continue along your Self-Made journey.
  55. Keynote Theatre 4
    In this seminar we will discuss how I (Montana Brown) built Swim Society, including all the set backs we have faced as a business and the struggle to ensure our value takes precedent over our short term revenue. We’ve made many wrong decisions and partnered with the wrong people at the right time, so how do you know when to change course? Or when a business decision becomes your best mistake. We will delve into influencer culture and what its really like being an influencer face at the head of a brand striving to do good.
  56. Over 400 businesses and government departments are providing employment opportunities to serving prisoners within industries workshops, Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) placements and employment of prison leavers.

    These partnerships support businesses to fill the skills gaps in a broad range of sectors including manufacturing, construction, logistics, retail, transport, I.T, agriculture, hospitality and catering, whilst also changing lives and helping to break the cycle of re-offending.

    Find out which businesses are benefitting from this recruitment process, and how you can too.

    Hear from a representative of the New Futures Network - a specialist part of Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) which brokers partnerships between prisons and employers in England and Wales.

  57. Sophie shares advice on how she has navigated being a woman in business, particularly how embracing her ‘inner girl’ has turned into a real advantage as she’s scaled Mamamade. Though we are raised to believe that girls are less powerful, there is an innate compassion, empathy, passion, vulnerability and openness that can be harnessed and embraced for great success.
  58. Keynote Theatre 4
    For nearly 25 years, innocent has been a brand on a mission – showing how commercial success and a values-led approach to business cannot just co-exist but positively thrive. CEO since 2013, Douglas Lamont is taking that founding vision to the next level this year. As Co-Chair of the Better Business Act campaign, he’s asking Parliament to change company law – and require all UK directors to have clearer legal responsibility for looking after planet and people, as well as shareholders. It’s only by raising the stakes, he argues, that we can hope to leave the world better – and happier – than we found it.
  59. An unmissable and exclusive interview with Oliver Cookson, founder of Myprotein. Oliver will discuss how he single-handedly grew a multi-million pound brand with just £500 from his bedroom, turning Myprotein into the fastest growing and number one Sports Nutrition brand. Find out about his early life, how he spotted the opportunity, what measures he took to manage the growth, the share sale and life after Myprotein, and take the opportunity to learn more about his success in an interactive, open Q&A session.
  60. How I turned my side business from nothing, into 7 figures after 3 years.
  61. Theatre 5

    AXA has a clear vision for the future of working: Everyone is trusted to get the best from their day, with the customer at the heart of decisions made. As a business, we view Smart Working as flexible, resilient, empowering and collaborative. We understand it will mean different things to different people based on each role, but, in essence, it should give our people the ability to work in a smarter way in a smarter way to meet our customers’, the business’s and their own needs. As we switch on to Smart Working and embed best practice throughout the business, we are looking to develop our Bricks (where we work and how we set up and use our home and office environment), Bytes (the technology that will support us) and Behaviours (how we manage our working lives). In this session, hear from Lucinda Charles-Jones, AXA UK & Ireland Group HR Director, as she explores what’s needed to truly make Smart Working work for all.

  62. Keynote Theatre 4

    People ask me the two same questions..

    How do I get started as a business? With more and more people taking the leap and starting their own business, what is the checklist any potential new business owner should be working through?

    How do I survive as a small business? With the business landscape ever evolving, especially since the strike of the pandemic. How should you adapt for long term success?