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Panel Discussions

This year we have a dedicated theatre for panel discussions, every hour there will be a panel of experts in different fields debating that topic. They will cover present and future challenges of these topics and there will be a chance for you to interact with the experts in a Q&A. 

These topics will be the same for both days of the show, however the experts will be different. You can find more details on the subjects up for discussion and the experts taking part in each debate closer to the show.  When the discussions take place, make sure you arrive at the theatre as early as possible, as the unique education, insight, and guidance on offer always attracts a lot of interest, so places go quickly!

The topics for the panel discussions will be:

  • Fleet Management - Reduce your Fleet’s Cost

For fleet management, remote working has been heralded as the way of the future. Attend this panel debate to learn how you can reduce fleet costs and make your processes more effective and successful when working remotely.

  • HR Challenges with a Hybrid Workforce

When you have a hybrid workforce you’ll still want to ensure that there is effective communication. This allows everyone to be happy and productive, and feel able to bring up any issues. Learn more about how HR can manage flexible workers.

  • Cyber Security - Are you Safe Working From Home

This panel will involve a discussion on the latest cybersecurity trends that keep remote workers safe from security threats. Experts will be advising on the best software to ensure you can work from anywhere undisrupted.

  • Technology

Technology is essential to successful and efficient remote working. At this panel debate led by industry experts, discover the tech you need to improve your productivity and work quality today.

Panel Discussion