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The Safety Elf

Stand: W38
The Safety Elf

The Safety Elf - Passionate about posture and the positive difference it can make in both life and work.

We all spend hours interacting with our technology, both for work and for leisure (our bodies don’t differentiate between the two) but the reality is that we rarely stop to think about the negative impacts of our posture and workstation set up until something starts to hurt.

Taking a holistic overview of the way people interact with their technology, their workspace and their tasks, I can help you and your team to make simple practical changes that will improve your experience of workstation wellbeing, comfort and productivity.  

And don’t worry about the budget… I always start with what you already have, and solutions are often low cost or free as there are many simple adjustments I can educate your team about without you having to pay for expensive or unnecessary equipment.

Did you know it is also a legal requirement for employers in the UK to assess the risks related to computer-based work, whether that’s at home or at the office? By getting the workstation set up right for your staff, wherever the workstation is currently, you’ll have a happier and more productive workforce and working environment.


Crouch St
United Kingdom
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