Database Management

Digital Samurai Ltd

DBA's are expensive, trust us we know :) but they are also vital to keeping your data safe and secure. If you have ever experienced a database disaster you know that it is the DBA that runs towards the fire to sort the problem out. (Metaphorically of course, no DBA's were harmed in the course of data recovery)

The DBA skillset is highly sought after and specialised as can be seen by the number of vaccancies and by the length of time it takes to fill them.

With the explosion in data skills required by businesses, there are just not enough DBA's to go around. Leaving three real options.

  1. Suck it up and wait for a DBA to come along
  2. Take on a contractor to fill the gap but potentially run into IR35 issues
  3. Use a specialised service offering the skills you need at a cost cheaper than any other option (DBAaaS)