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29 Jul 2022

Bakker Elkhuizen Q - Riser 110

Lyreco UK

Bakker Elkhuizen Q-Riser 110 monitor stand circular, adjustable height 75-110mm, light grey: Together, we produce circa eight million tons of plastic per year. That is cause for serious concern. Not all of this plastic is ultimately recycled.

That is why we developed our own line of circular products made from plastic bottles.

In addition to being made from 60% recycled material, they are also 100% circular.

In addition to the acrylate version of the Q-Riser 110, we have also developed a sustainable version.

The Q-Riser 110 lets you position your monitor(s) at a comfortable height. This helps prevent excessive strain on the muscles in your shoulders and neck and optimises your reading comfort.

The Q-Riser 110 is suitable for flatscreen monitors up to 17 inch.

This monitor stand can be adjusted to one of two heights. There is plenty of space underneath the Q-Riser to store your compact keyboard. Furthermore, this monitor stand also has cable guides to let you neatly hide your monitor's cables from view