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  • Work-life balance has always been hard, especially now after the last two years. This is why VAHA is the best solution for home bound employees and office workers.   
  • 50 new Ford E-Transit electric vans have been purchased to join the firm’s existing 17 Renault Master Z.E all-electric light goods vehicles. The Ford E-Transits provide a real-world range and carrying ...
  • Edworking is an all-in-one superapp for all your remote work needs! For those who are still not very aware of what the platform is all about, we have tried to make the deal clearer for you!
  • NexGen Virtual Office

    01 Sep 2022 NexGen
    All-In-One Virtual Workplace Solution NexGen Virtual Office is a revolutionary digital office focused on creating PLACE and PRESENCE, making togetherness possible even when you’re apart.
  • A free desk booking system will have its limitations, and building and maintaining your own will cost you! When it comes to desk booking, it's best to work with the experts.
  • ASP Test

    07 Feb 2021 ASP Test
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  • Irish start-up Ronspot raises €650,000 in funding

    07 Dec 2020 Charlie Taylor - The Irish Times
    Ronspot, an Irish start-up that has developed an employee space management solution, has raised more than €650,000 in investment.