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Why Listening is SO Important to Workplace Wellbeing

Why Listening is SO Important to Workplace Wellbeing

We’ve all heard the saying about having two ears and one mouth. It’s one of those old adages that’s become a cliché because it’s so true. And it’s as important to workplace wellbeing as it is in any other elements of life. 

After all, listening is just as important as talking. It’s vital to listen to the people we come in to close proximity with as we go about our daily business. They need our feedback and we need theirs. In addition, they might need to share any worries they’re carrying around, and vice versa. 

If we don’t listen, we’re not engaged. That means there’s a lack of interest in what colleagues are up to and how they’re feeling. It’s not a good place to be in. And it’s certainly not conducive to workplace wellbeing. 

And it’s worse still if there’s any overt, implied or even unintentional sexist, racist, homophobic or other types of unacceptable talk left unchecked. 

Nobody should have to suffer in silence in the workplace. Every voice deserves to be heard, whether there’s work-related issues or any other issues affecting their wellbeing. So, it’s important to encourage your team members not just to listen, but to really hear the people around them. 

Here’s a few good reasons why… 

3 Reasons It Pays to Listen

Having a solid listening culture promotes workplace wellbeing in many ways, such as – 

  • Improved Connectivity and Empathy – Listening gives us real insight in to how somebody else is feeling. But it goes beyond what they say, to how they say it, and also what they don’t say. And the more we develop our emotional intelligence through listening, the more we’re able to find common ground and build rapport. 
  • Minimise Bias – Bias exists, whether you’re aware of anything going on in in your workplace, or you’d swear it doesn’t exist. It does! And listening to how it impacts team members increases awareness, empathy and proactivity to eradicate it.
  • Boost Productivity – A team that listens to each other and hears each other is a team that’s more likely to work happily with each other towards a shared goal. 
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