Awards 2022

This year we are hosting awards to put a spotlight on those that have demonstrated excellence in their field.

Award Categories

Female Leader of the Year

This award goes to a woman in business who has proven to be an upstanding professional in her field. Someone who excels in what they do, while also using their success and platform to elevate others. We have created this award as we recognise that women in business can face more challenges than most, so we want to reward courage and hard work.


Start-up of the Year

This award is for a startup that has demonstrated excellence and success in their business. They will be progressing to new heights and showing hard work and commitment. We are awarding this as many can create a startup but not as many can outshine in their field.


Innovation of the Year

This goes to a product, a service, a business, or an individual that has shown innovation and originality. We are looking for something new and creative in the industry. This is an award that is created to inspire ingenuity and imagination.


Sustainability Award

For a business that recognises the significance of our current global climate and seeks to make positive changes. We are looking for someone that prioritises a greener model of business and cares about the impact that they have. We are awarding someone who is a perfect model to demonstrate what others should be doing.


Hybrid Working Solution of the Year

The award goes to a business that has sourced a flexible and considerate hybrid working model for their workforce. With workplace flexibility being more significant than ever, we want to celebrate those that have paved the way for others to follow. We want to formally recognise a business that prioritises its employees’ well-being.